Halloween Flash Fiction Bash

There’s a Halloween flash party going on over on Karen Michelle Nutt’s blog. She’s hosting a different writer every day of October for a bit of spooky story-telling fun. I have really enjoyed the stories so far. Since they’re short, you can catch up easily if you haven’t yet stopped by. There are a bunch of great prizes up for grabs as well. My story will go live on October 17th.

cowboy crouchingI decided to write another William Robert Travis story for my entry. My Texas cowboy angel of death isn’t all that scary, but he does run into scary situations quite regularly. Comes with the job, I guess. His first appearance was in a Flash story. I’ve written other, longer stories featuring Billy Bob, which I plan to release individually and in a collection soon.   Billy Bob is an odd sort of angel. When he’s here on earth, the usual laws of the natural world (mostly) apply to him, though of course a magical being always has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Super short fiction is hard work. As Blaise Pascal supposedly said, “I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” I love writing shorts because it really pushes me as a writer to be concise, to try to choose exactly the right word, and to not let myself get distracted by unnecessary detail or plot bunnies. If you read a story on the Halloween Flash Fiction Bash that you like, please give the author some comment love. There’s more work in those little things than one might suppose!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Flash Fiction Bash

  1. Great post, Resa. Writing short is a special skill and much more difficult for most of us to master. That might explain why there are so many rambling epics out there.:)

  2. Building on Laura’s comment: I think that being knee deep in rambling epics is more than just the fact that short writing is a hard skill–I also blame the market itself. The short story market got progressively smaller as time went on–with writers only being able to sell longer works–there was no economic reason to practice the short story. Ebooks may actually restore the short story market…but it will take time to see if it actually happens.

  3. But Morgan, I write rambling epics 🙂 Seriously though, I agree that the ebook market may turn things around, if only from the standpoint of author’s working to build their brand. it used to be that you could not get serious attention from a publisher until you had published several shorts. Then the markets all but disappeared. Now that they’re back, maybe the short story will be appreciated for what it is.

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