Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles

"A record 195 Kemp's Ridley nests were found on the Texas coast this nesting season, which runs from April to mid-July. It's the fifth consecutive record-breaking year — 128 nests were found during the 2007 season — since record keeping began in 1980.

"The fact that we had a record-breaking year that followed another gets us very excited about the prospects for next year and future years," said Donna Shaver, chief of sea turtle science and recovery at Padre Island National Seashore."

Read more at Future looks promising for Kemp Ridleys

The article also says that when they started conservation efforts back in the 1980's, they found about 1 nest every three years. They also found one leatherback nest, the first one found in 70 years, but sadly the eggs didn't hatch. This is a remarkable improvement that makes me feel less grim. It's also why many of the inhabitants of The Armpit scream when people want to start driving heavy oil and gas trucks through the national seashore in search of new drilling sites. Turtle extinction may seem like a small price to pay for cheap gas for your SUV, but those turtles are important. Among other things, they eat jellyfish, and we have way too many jellyfish right now.

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