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For centuries humanity has expanded into space, colonizing many worlds. In all their explorations, they have never met no other sentient beings, no threats to humankind other than their own inevitable squabbles.  Suddenly, an utterly alien force erupts into human-settled space.  Part biological, part machine, it seems to exist only to replicate and destroy. Where they came from is of secondary importance when humanity is losing ground every day.

Dobruja is a reclusive colony far removed from the center of human expansion. Even though they produce elite soldiers and advanced technology, the Dobrujan government has had little desire to help out their cousins abroad. Some Dobrujans sign on with the United Planetary Authority’s forces despite their homeworld’s disinterest. Fist of Stars follows the adventures of a group of these rebels with a cause, each with their own reasons for signing on.

Today, starship pilot Veris is interviewed by my writing buddy, Laura Brewer.  Check out her blog A Muse on the Mountian. Thanks Laura, for the awesome interview questions and your support of my writing journey!


What made convinced you to become a pilot in such a desperate struggle?vercolor

Honestly, when I first signed up I was only thinking about myself and the money I would earn. After our first real mission, I realized that the war effort was really important and that my work could help humans win.

What person in your life has had the most influence on who you are?
My father. We don’t always agree, in fact a lot of the time we don’t agree on anything. He taught me the importance of doing one’s best, of not giving up when things get hard, and to stand strong when you know you’re right.

What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
Laughs I’m not sure I know what relaxing is.

What is it about one of your companions that drives you crazy?
I really hate it when Jothie criticizes my flying. He should stick to doing what he’s good at, Engineering, and let me do what I’m good at. I need to fly my way, not his, nor by some silly rules.

What do you fear the most?
I fear that one day that our mission will fail because I didn’t fly hard enough.