Mass Effect Day 1

English: Mass Effect logo, cropped in Photoshop.

I’ve just started playing Mass Effect, the first one published in 2007. Yes, I’m a bit behind the times. My last attempt at an SF rpg was Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, which I had limited success with. I’m feeling a bit more optimistic about this one. The story line so far, Hero on a Mission, isn’t bad. I’ve just got to the point where my dude has been dropped planet-side. So far the story seems really well-built. We’ll see if it keeps up for the duration.

I missed something important in the customization, as I see from reading the wiki that I could have chosen to play as a female. I can’t decide if I want to stick with the male or surrender to curiosity and start over again to work the customization a bit more. ┬áIt’s early enough in the game that I don’t have a lot of investment in game hours/save files yet that it would be a big loss if I decide to dump John and go with his female alter ego. It might also be fun to play the game concurrently in two different saves, ones as the dude and one as the gal.

I look forward to shooting things soon. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to switch weapons before then!