Christmas Pastiche


Sentimental Deer by T.L. Ryder (c) 2017

It’s Christmas time
sleigh bells ring
in the city

The carolers sing
“Noel, Noel”

Are you listening?
Christmas brings
joy to the world

The bells ring
“Noel, Noel”

Candles gleaming
eyes all aglow
O holy night,

The angels sing
“Noel, Noel”

In the manger
flocks by night
to cradle run

The friendly beasts sing
“Noel, Noel”

In thy dark streets
come and worship
the newborn king

The holy star sings
“Noel, Noel”

((I cobbled together lines from various Christmas songs to make this pastiche like holiday ode. Give it a try if you dare! And drop me a link in the comments if you do.))

Christmas Carol Day 23

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawai’ian Christmas Day.  It’s currently 71F/21C where I live, and the weather will probably hold through the week.

Here’s a great article from JStor on how Mele Kalikimaka is the Hawai’ian equivalent of Merry Christmas. It’s weird, fascinating, and totally worth your time!

And here’s the legendary Bing Crosby singing the song for you: