Dream Trees

There is a Place
where the Trees dream.
If you go there
with Your Secrets.

All will be Laid Bare
among the Branches
there Nothing can Hide
the Forest is Truth
do Not be Afraid!

The Trees are Life
The Trees are Gentle
They’ll take Your Heart
And Return it Whole.

You’ll wish to Die there
You Will Live there
Even when You leave
You’ll be There still.


Photo by ivan Torres on Unsplash



Body Positive

For decades she has been on a quest
to be all she can be by being less
The extra pounds that cling to her frame
diminish her sparkle, make her plain.

If only you’d lose twenty pounds more
says the clerk at the health food store
You’d be a stunner, one of the best
Have you tried our new whole juice fast?

Her kids should do it. They are fat too.
If only they’d try, she knows they could do
the thing she’s attempted for many years
She would spare them the angst and the fear

Of being too much to be worth anything
Of having a body to which pounds cling

I’d give her a gift if she’d let me
A day of rest, one day to be free
Some time to see the beauty she owns
To enjoy herself, for herself alone.



My Autumn

These autumn days of my life
bloom bright and warm,
a simulacrum of summer glory.

The icy cold of the wading creek
still surprises.
I deny that winter will come.

Soon colors will fade.
I Memorize each leaf,
cling to ephemeral beauty

and sniff the air for the inevitable scent of snow.



Background Photo by Autumn Mott on Unsplash



Love Wags

yellow dog

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

The fat guy down the street
got a dog.
That dog represented salvation,
an exercise buddy.

The dog grew fat and the guy
got ashamed
That dog represented failure,
shared indulgence.

Don’t look at me, guy.
Get your dog.
The dog represents nothing,
Just love in a wag.


His shadow fell on Her
Silence bloomed, became a Prayer
Then Day bloomed, reborn.


Photo by Dawid Sobolewski on Unsplash



On the Occasion of my Son Moving Cross-Country



Page By Alexandre Cabanel via Wikimedia Commons 

There’s a space in my heart that’s the shape of you
No matter where you go, no matter what you do
That space will be here, and so will I
As life goes on and time goes by
We’ll both grow and change, my dear
That’s how we’ll make more memories to live there.




Dune Witch

The Shining Ones look not on me
a simple hedgewitch by the sea.
My companions are the crabs and gulls
and the pretty flotsam on the shoals.

No stern Neptune at this beach
nor Aphrodite’s playful tease.
Here the Little ones frolick and play
while in the Deep, their Elders stay.

And should Posiden roar ashore
We shall appease Him even more
This demesne, this lonely beach
has naught for Great Ones to seek.

There’s only a hedgewitch and her Friends,
playing in the moon and sand.


Cole Park Cove, T.L. Ryder 2017