Triple Time

If heaven’s angels flew down to dance with me
from that glorious host, I’d choose you
We could dance all night and day
pause, and start anew.


Wiener Walzer by Leo Rauth, circa 1911.


If all of our dance were spins and sighs
because we knew not where to begin
Still, I’d hold my arms open wide
and welcome you right in.

If in the beat our steps went awry
we could count the measures anew
knowing that despite the count,
our dance will always be true.

3 thoughts on “Triple Time

  1. How romantic! I’m a romantic inside and out, so I just danced within this poem. By the way, I really like your “About” page. The Carl Rogers quote is a keeper: “what is most personal is most universal”. Hear, Hear!

    • Thanks! Dancing is a bit like “poetry in motion” (Thomas Dolby, lol) and so to me most romantic. Thanks for reminding me I have an about page. I still love that Carl Rogers quote.

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