Shift Work


can beer by  Edonjeta Iberhysaj (PD)

The tall boys sit in their ice filled coffin
proud to be working man’s beer.
“You deserve a break today!” but wait. . .
that’s McD’s. That’s for women coming off
a 38 hour week at the five & dime, to another
shift or two or three at home.

The tall boys don’t know about that.
Their drinkers work hard.
Hard work that the little woman can’t understand
and then she wants him to fix the toilet.
“Christ, woman, I just sat down!” but wait. . .
there’s more; the mortgage company called again. About the lawn.

The husks of former tall boys lay in the un-mown grass
consumed, forgotten.
“Do we live in a police state now?”
Who cares about a little peeling paint, a little rust,
a load of sodium and fat clogging hearts that were
broken years ago.

A younger man drives fresh tall boys by,
company truck loaded full.
The wife just got promoted at MalWart. well, a 10 cent raise.
Soon they’ll move out of grandma’s. When he
has a lawn of his own, he swears it will be different–
He’ll mow it every day.


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