Apocalypse Not

I am weary of apocalypses. Spare me
the slavering zombies
the killer asteroids
the global warming,
Send forth no devouring monsters from the deep.


Give to me instead a ray of hope
to use as a torch
to build a lighthouse
to light the dark tunnel
Open the way to luminous tomorrows.

Let’s become mad heroes like
Aslan or Bolivar
Quixote or Mandela
Hildegaard or Meg Murry
Able to scry a future of fantastical optimism.

(photo Štefan Štefančík, Unsplash)

2 thoughts on “Apocalypse Not

  1. Oh, yes, please let’s. I am soooo weary of the doom and gloom and crippling fatalism. BTW, dahlink, big time kudos of “scry” — had to look it up. Talk about a platinum word!!!! I totally agree with ritzar12 — beautifully said!!!! Thank you.

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