Jane Doughtery Poetry Challenge #41


We ran out into the Rain,
who’s to blame?
Dog. It’s the same, tired refrain

We argue until all’s red
nothing solved
Many pointless tears will be shed.

The pattern is relentless
the dog runs
Chasing after him is senseless

At the river he will stop
Dog’s had fun.
We get pulled over. Oh hi, Cop!

And yet we have no regrets
We love him.
We’re wet. Dog’s safe. Damned beloved pet.

7 thoughts on “Escapee

    • Thanks. I had started out writing relationship angst, but then the dog took over. We used to have a dog that was part whippet who would occasionally scare us half to death by slipping out and running like a crazy thing down the street. We lived in a large city at the time. Nerves got frayed. Unkind things got said to the dog and each other!

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