4 thoughts on “Christmas Carol Day 16

  1. It’s strange, I’m not the least bit religious, but there’s something about music like this that resonates deeply for me. Childhood memories long buried, perhaps? Thank you.

    • I also think that music reaches deep into our memories. My own religious beliefs can be best summed up as “it’s complicated”, and yet this music always makes me feel ten years old and full of hope for humankind. 🙂

  2. Deliciously baroque!! And. I agree with Yvonne — I’m not religious but tear up on nearly every carol I hear. Such is the power of beautiful music! Thanks, Theresa.

    • The more cynical side of my brain wants to chalk that crying thing up to some kind of automatic response like ASMR(Autonomous sensory meridian response, if you’re bored sometime stick ASMR into YouTube or Vimeo and see the weird songs that come up!). I tell her it doesn’t matter, it’s nice and we should enjoy it, as long as it isn’t some advertiser (or preacher) trying to sell us something.

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