Music to Soothe the Inflamed Heart

According to a post on the Telegraph, Oxford University researchers think that certain types of music could help reduce your blood pressure. Supposedly to get this effect you need a musical piece with “a repeated 10-second rhythm”. While you needn’t necessarily listen to the referenced Beethoven and Puccini pieces, you had probably better start with them to get an idea of the rhythm structure needed to trigger the effect. To that end, I’ve made a YouTube playlist for your delectation. I’m sorry about the Pavarotti. I realize he’s very polarizing– people either love or hate his voice. He does the absolute best version of “nessum dorma” that I could find on short notice. Here’s the YouTube:


2 thoughts on “Music to Soothe the Inflamed Heart

  1. I do believe certain styles of music can have different effects. I do wonder what us best for me or my grandkids to calm our nerves in stressful times. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were my “go to’s” in college and even now, “Bridge over Troubled Water” and “Sounds of Silence” relax me.

  2. Mercy, Theresa! I don’t know about soothing my inflamed heart and the 10-second repeated rhythm but I sobbed my way all the through Nessum Dorma and Ava Maria. Something touched deep down where I live. Thank you, my friend.

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