Guest Blogging at Paranormal Romance Guild

file000719730180I have a guest post on the Paranormal Romance Guild blog today. It’s titled Paraphysica Exotica, the guest post for July 28th. While you are over there, be sure to read Gina Ardito’s post from July 17th, “Dear Stranger”. Here’s the link:

Paranormal Romance Blog

What’s your favorite being from myth, fairietale or legend? I’m afraid to choose just one because I might hurt the others’ feelings!

And if you’re a writer, have you ever seen a living person who looked exactly like one of your fictional characters? I admit to creeping around a thrift store once, peering at some lady from behind racks of second hand blouses. She looked EXACTLY like one of my characters. It freaked me out. I don’t think she saw me. I hope she didn’t!

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