Bad Poetry! En español!

And now I present to you Bad Poetry in Spanish! (Presento mala poesía en español!) All the badness in a language I’m just learning! What could go wrong, except, well, everything? The study phrases on Duolingo often sound to me like lines gleaned from a telenovela. Then I was struck with the notion that I could take phrases and turn them into bad poetry. Perhaps it will help the meaning of the words stick in my brain, or perhaps I will simply offend Spanish speakers everywhere.

Here I go! (empiezo)

pink flowerUsted ha cerrado la puerta
y nunca hemos hablado
pero tu ha sentido cosas
Estoy consciente
Esto no te lo puedo dar.

Estos son los momentos mas dificiles
El ha cambiado
Yo he cambiado
hemos cambiado
el fin

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