You were not gone

when the phone call came,

nor in the ensuing hustle and bustle.


image by pedrojperez, via morgueFile.

Flowers, cards, dishes of food, too many people saying

“I’m so sorry!”


“You’ll be okay”.

You were not gone

when they sang Amazing Grace

nor when the casket went down.

Draped hole surrounded by wreaths, too many people saying

“She’s in a better place!”


“She wouldn’t want you to cry.”

You were gone

the day I came home, eager to tell you some little thing.

In an instant, silent forever stretched out.

You were gone.

5 thoughts on “Gone

    • Thanks for reading. It was inspired by a friend whose mother recently passed away. A comment she made reminded me very strongly of my own experience with my mother’s passing and I wrote this in honor of both of our moms.

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