Treasure’s Skirtwork for Fusion Belly Dance

A friend asked me to review her dance DVD, which is dedicated entirely to skirtwork. It’s aimed at Fusion dancers, but I think would be great for anyone who wanted to get a really strong grip on the fundamentals of skirt movement for dance, no matter what dance form they were studying.  I’ve seen Treasure dance many times. She’s a beautiful dancer. When her DVD came out, I was very excited for her but didn’t run out to buy one because I’m currently not dancing styles that feature skirtwork. After watching the DVD, I find my brain trying to figure out how I could add skirtwork anyway. 😀 The instruction is meticulous and exhaustive. I had no idea that a dancer could do that many things with a skirt!

One of the things that made the DVD itself doubly interesting to me is that I know the crew as well. It’s great to see their work showcased. This is solid indie production. They were really creative with the resources they had on hand. No dodgy lighting, shaky cam or weird angles. You can read my review and maybe buy a copy for yourself or a dancer friend for Christmas over on Amazon.

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