Seize the. . .


Don’t offer me a heart
full of regrets, or
A penitent smile that
pays up past debts

I want a rogue with
a heart ajar
One who makes you wonder
who you now are

Who brings dreams of
what could be
One that loves in furlongs
not by Degree

No penitent heart can raise
sea-level with a kiss
Only a rogue full of dreams
can love like this.

4 thoughts on “Seize the. . .

  1. I saw this tagged “bad poetry’ and thought, it doesn’t seem that bad to me. So I looked again, and I guess I’m missing something, because I like it. A lot, really–and it takes a clever mind to grab me with an end rhyme.

    • Thanks! I’m a dilettante with poetry. I feel I should warn people in advance not to expect too much. I’ve read some very fun purposely bad poetry, but I’m too lazy to attempt it.

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