Guest Character Interview: Undun Rhy

Today I have another character interview. This one is with SF writer Laura Brewer‘s character Undun Rhy, from her Songs of Talmanor series. Check it out! I’m impatiently waiting for the 3rd book in the series, Warrior Song, to be released. Undun Rhy is a secondary character that really interests me because he’s humanoid, but not at all like homo sapiens. I really enjoy Laura’s rich storytelling and compelling characters.


You can buy Book One, Selarial’s Song and Book Two, Dream Song, on

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First, let’s get Laura to tell us a little bit about the Songs of Talmanor and Undun Rhy’s part in the series.

As the threat of war from the Thess’n Empire grows, Sorth and Zhyre are prominent in the Coalition’s defense efforts. Both worlds have populations with strong psychic gifts that they don’t hesitate to use for the protection of the Coalition and their allies.

 Zhyrean eyesight is limited, though the ability to sense electric and magnetic emissions more than compensates for the lack. This saurian race partners well with their near-human Sorthian allies. Their psychic talents complement each other to open new methods for both.

 Undun Rhy is Zhyre’s most prominent scholar/adept. Though his scales are nearly black with age, he lends his vast knowledge to assist in training a most unusual special ops force.

And now we’ll talk with Undun Rhy!

Q. What is your home planet like?

A. Warm and humid. Much of Zhyre’s landmasses are tropical jungle. There is a closeness in the landscape that you seldom find on other planets. Everywhere you turn there is an abundance of rich textures, scents, even sounds. Most places seem barren by comparison.

Q. What do you miss the most from your home?

A. Probably the textures. Much of the Coalition is human or near human. Their art and architecture seldom focus on the sense of touch.

Q. What do you think makes the Thess’ns the way they are? Is there any hope for them?

A. From history, we know Tarkus took a relatively primitive species and corrupted them. He twisted their tribal culture into a dangerous prejudice against all other sentient species. As for hope, there is always hope, hatchling.

Q. If you failed to do what you needed to do, who would step in and finish it for you?

A. It’s difficult to say. My part in this consists of showing some of our most gifted sensitives the path to discover what they know, along with integrating our talents with those of our Sorthian allies. I expect there are several of my more advanced students who could step in.

Q. What are the greatest challenges in working with Sorthians and humans?

A. That’s easy. It is difficult to adjust to their fondness for visual expression and complete lack of sensitivity to electrical and magnetic emissions. They could also use a more active sense of humor. (He grins, showing many of his very sharp teeth, but his eyes are bright with laughter.)


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