Old Fashioned Hair

I love old fashioned hairdos.  There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube, especially for early to mid-20th century hair. One hairdresser that really fascinates me is Janet Stephens, who calls herself a hairstyle archaeologist. She studies Classical portraiture and figures out how to recreate the hairstyles using period equipment.

Today she posted a lovely video explaining how to “sew” hair. Before hairpins and bobby pins and clips and rubber bands, people used to sew their hair in place with yarn or sometimes ribbon. She says in other videos that sewn hair is actually more comfortable and secure than pinned hair. Plus some of the old hairstyles can’t be recreated with modern clips and pins. Even if most of us aren’t going to be adopting the hairstyles of past Roman Empresses any time soon, it’s still kinda nifty. Plus, if you’re a writer, who knows when this sort of information might come in handy?

Her braiding tutorials are wonderful as well!

4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Hair

  1. I never thought about recreating hair styles! I will have to pay more attention to the old styles, to see what I can recreate! Thanks for linking the video.

  2. Thanks for the ideas, I knew there was a lot of elaborate braiding and weaving. The sewing is a new thought, makes a lot of sense though. 🙂 I’ll have to try it, If I can find a skilled pair of hands to help 🙂

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