Friday Fiction

coverI had the wonderful opportunity to beta read “Connor’s Light” by Ava Felsenstein recently. Originally published in German, the author had it translated to English but still hopes to do a bit of tweaking to the English text. Subtitled “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind“, this is a reference to joint human/alien contact.

Connor has a theory about UFOs and what they’re doing, and he’s not afraid to test it– even if that means quitting his job, moving to the middle of nowhere, and risking alienating most of his friends and family. It’s a slow, quiet story which I don’t want to describe too much, because telling you anything seems like a spoiler. Part interior adventure of a quirky inventor, part hymn to the Green/Simplicity movement, the lush and careful storytelling will appeal to readers who like a more cerebral sort of Science Fiction. No aliens with ray guns or acid-drooling monsters here. Wonderful illustrations and typesetting make this ebook beautiful to look at as well. Also available in German, the English ebook is currently on sale for .99 cents.  Get it soon!

Connor’s Light: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind by Ava Felsenstein (at Amazon)


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