Happy NaNoWriMo-Eve!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halloween has always been a big holiday at my house. It’s our second most decorated holiday, rivaled only by Winter Solstice, for which we decorate with unbridled restraint.  In recent years, October 31st has also marked the eve of National Novel Writing Month. While it is not an event that calls for decorating, at least at my house, NaNoWriMo kicks off a social whirl of writing and writing related events that consume nearly every moment of free time in November.

I’ve often wondered why November, as anyone with family obligations becomes frantic and cranky when little things like holiday dinners for the extended family start crowding in on one’s writing schedule.  For me, January or February would be much nicer noveling months. The NaNo people seem to have noticed this, and now there are “summer camps” for writing as well.

I shall be an unofficial participant this time around. One starts brand new work for NaNoWriMo, and I’ve got enough partially-finished projects as it is. I’m going to pick the one that seems shiniest to me and devote November to completing it. I’m also embarking on a co-writing experiment with a friend. I’ve never co-written before apart from a couple of “add a line” type stories, so this is new territory indeed. For various reasons we agreed it was unlikely that we would manage 50K together much less separately on the project this November, so it’s not really a NaNoWriMo either. We’re still going to depend on the NaNoWriMo energy to help move us along. So I shall be a not quite NaNo participant this year two times over.

It’s also good bye to the October Ultimate Blog Challenge, which has been fun, educational, and a great jump start for my November writing aspirations. I’ve found new blogs to follow, written by some amazing people. It’s so great to make new online friends, and great to look forward to a productive rest of this 2013. Thanks Michele and Michelle!


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