DST: Is It Over Yet?

English: Engraved brass horizontal sundial cor...

English: Engraved brass horizontal sundial corrects for latitude, time zone, daylight savings time, longitude, and equation of time; with magnetic declination correction and spirit levels. http://www.horussundials.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m like a kid on a long car trip asking “are we there yet?” every 5 minutes. I mostly like Daylight Savings Time, but these days it’s gone too far.  When I was a kid, DST started The last Sunday in April and ended the last Sunday in October. Now it goes on nonsensically and seemingly forever. I woke up this morning and said “Dag nabbit, why am I awake in the middle of the night?” only to discover that it was 7:00 am when I looked at the clock. It seriously wasn’t even dawn yet at seven am! What sort of sense does that make?

Long summer evenings are a joy. Mornings in the fall that aren’t even morning, not so much. Supposedly DST was extended to the first weekend in November in order to make Halloween safer for trick or treaters.  I don’t want little Draculas to be run over by cars, but what fun is it going trick or treating in broad daylight?  Here in the land of monster SUVs, I guess I see their point. There’s got to be a better solution to the trick or treat problem, but I don’t know what it is. At one point, they wanted to start DST in February, but were stopped by the notion of school children walking to school in the dark. Fortunately for us, they haven’t noticed that the last time a child walked to school was in 1986 or DST would start even sooner.

Daylight Savings Time often brings out crazy political talk in people.  A short history so we can skip all that– invented by Germans as part of their WWI effort, much of the rest of the world decided it was a good idea between WWI and WWII.  Shortly after that, various countries noticed the imperfection of the system and started fiddling with start/end dates. The dates continued to be fiddled all the way up into the 21st century, at which point they became fixed in a way that makes nobody happy. Perfect government system achieved!

So this means that we have right wing, world-domination seeking, early 20th century Germany to blame this mess on. They weren’t even Nazis then. Go figure.

6 thoughts on “DST: Is It Over Yet?

  1. I live in Arizona, so we don’t do Daylight Savings Time, which is just fine with me. However, our family lives in the northeast and we always have to think when about to call them, hmm, is it 2 hours or 3 hours difference now !!!! I’m fixing or eating dinner around 7 PM and it’s 9:00 or 10:00 iPM there, and they are ready for a nice chat. Difficult to sync!

  2. nice post on DSL. i just have to recalibrate my brain to understand how time changes across world twice in a year 😀

  3. I agree with you !!!!
    I just can’t help wondering if we could find a system where we have 12 hours of consistent daylight every day of the year? I mean, we might have to rearrange the way the earth orbits the sun, and the way calendars are written, and reconfigure our whole concept of space and time, but at least I’d know I had 12 hours of coffee drinking time every day. Wait… we might not need all that. Maybe just a timer on my coffee maker would work.

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