Continuing Self-Education

English: Detail of a desk after studying.

English: Detail of a desk after studying. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I signed up for a course on Philosophy on Coursera, and it began this week. It’s been a while since I’ve taken a formal course like this with lectures and quizzes and tests. I’m a bit of a workshop junkie. Those tend to be a little more relaxed. I was feeling nervous about whether my brain was up to a more formal learning setting. After a couple of video lectures, I’m feeling more confident.

Meanwhile, my daughter and I found a language learning helper called Duolingo, and we are using it to enhance our Spanish studies. We’re both finding it very helpful. I don’t think you could learn a language using just Duolingo. The game like interface is very entertaining, though, and I think it’s a great adjunct to our SpanishPod classes.

I’m impressed by the quality of many of the resources I find online these days. It’s nice to be reminded that everything online isn’t pictures of kitties (love those kitties!), porn, and people bullying one another.


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