Rain Lily

photo of a rain lilyThese odd little flowers pop up in almost every lawn where I live when it rains.  Their leaves are very fine dark green, which blends in to the grass. Like grass, they don’t seem to mind being mowed. A horticulturalist here told me that there’s no point in trying to dig them out. You end up dividing the bulbs and having twice as many the next rain. They’re stubborn little things, but very fragile. Their blooms don’t last long once the sun and heat return. And yet they keep blooming, every chance they get. We’ve been having a drought for quite a while now. I feared that the rain lilies would be killed. The first rain we got, they were back in bloom. There’s probably a lesson about endurance or something there. I think this time I won’t try to puzzle it out. I’ll stick with being grateful for the little blast of beauty they bring to my yard.

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