October Fair Trade Month

Happy October, everyone!

Fair trade Coffee growers in Tacuba in the Par...

Fair trade Coffee growers in Tacuba in the Parque Nacional El Imposible, El Salvador (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

October is, among other things, Fair Trade Month.  I firmly believe that people should be paid a fair wage for their products and services.  Much of the Fair Trade movement currently focuses on coffee, chocolate, tea. This is because these are goods produced in the developing word by major corporations that often terribly exploit both the people and the resources of the land.  Coffee, tea, and chocolate are luxury goods. Our lives don’t depend on them. If we pay a little extra for our treats, we might make the lives of persons who worked to produce our treat a better.

Fair Trade isn’t just about coffee, tea and chocolate. You can look for Fair trade produce, apparel, sports balls, or pretty much any product that is made for import. During Fair Trade month, the organizers ask that we try to buy one Fair Trade item each time we go shopping.


3 thoughts on “October Fair Trade Month

  1. Thanks for letting us know about Fair Trade month. I do believe though that by starting with things that people are actually willing to buy like coffee, tea and chocolate it will ripple to other areas such as clothing and food. We need to start somewhere and those are the things I believe people are willing to pay a bit more for. I know I do.
    Again, thanks for making us all more aware of the issue.
    Claudette Chenevert
    The Stepmom Coach

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