Sleepy Hollow

I’ve been trolling about the internet looking for interesting writer blogs to read, and as luck would have it I found Yvonne Nicolas’s blog with posts about that most rare of things– a tv show that I might actually like, Sleepy Hollow.  We don’t have any cable or tv reception which is fine by everyone in the house. We get most of the few tv shows we watch on DVD long after everyone else has seen them. Yes, I know about Hulu, but the first show I tried to watch on Hulu (Bunheads) bored me to death and the streaming kept lagging. I decided to give it another try and managed to successfully watch the first episode of “The Black List” with James Spader. I adore James Spader and that alone got me through the Black List pilot. It looks to be one of those crime drama/police genre shows that never manage to hold my interest, but maybe I will continue for a while just to watch James Spader.

Sleepy Hollow, though also part police show, looks to be something worth testing the strength of my internet connection for. The pilot was a fabulous mash up of headless horseman lore, New England witch cults, and Biblical apocalyptic doom. The twist is Icabod Crane has had a case of Rip Van Winkle and awakes in modern times, along with the demonic headless horseman. It’s fate.

Icabod’s partner is the lovely Abbie, who apparently will not be leaving to go to Quantico and the FBI after all.  Whoot strong and smart female lead! It’s wonderful that not only is she a PoC, the background cast has some diversity as well. I’m also thankful that while Abbie is strong and practical, she doesn’t have XFiles Agent Scully’s issue of being unable to believe Stuff That’s Right In Front of Her Face, Happening Like Now, just because it doesn’t seem scientific enough.

Great chemistry between Icabod and Abbie, but not too much too soon. And alas, Icabod has a spoiler in parentheses. (wife trapped in another dimension). Sad Face. Icabod has some great one liners that are wonderful comic relief. Plus he is super nice to look at. If you like paranormal stuff, try this show. Two episodes available on Hulu as of today.

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