My Relationship with Lent


Lent (Photo credit: Our Lady of Disgrace)

Although I have participated in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths along with a brief visit to Protestantism, I now follow my own religious path.  I’ve been keeping Lent regardless of my religious affiliation (or lack thereof) my entire life. Lent is a powerful season for me, with a lot of deep, personal meaning.   I have no desire to convert anyone.  I invite you to celebrate Lent with me, whatever Lent might mean to you. You are welcome here, whatever your religious affiliation or lack thereof. If you’ve never celebrated Lent, this might be an opportunity to give it a try.

Because our religious conversations online tend to be combative and unhelpful, I ask you to be especially kind and generous and careful with each other in any comments you might make to this post. Proselytizers will be banned or sold to alien space-slavers, depending on how cranky I feel on the day I read them.

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