3 Play

I just watched an interesting little movie, 3 Play. It's not often that we see menage a trois movies that are about the relationship instead of the sex, and when we do, it's usually portrayed in a very negative way like in The Duchess or End of Innocence. This movie has the triading of a female bi-sexual couple and the man they both love. That they're a Latina/o threesome makes it a bit different from usual Hollywood fare. The threesome gets a HEA, along with a semi-thoughtful exploration of some of the problems and joys of triadic relationships.

Poly friendly movies are a rare thing indeed. Thinking back, I could only come up with one and a half, or maybe they should each count as one half. First was the Substitute Wife, a movie starring Lea Thompson as a dying prairie wife who recruits one of the local girls from the brothel (played by an aging, amazing Farrah Fawcett) to be her replacement wife. The husband falls in love with the replacement wife, the original wife rallies for a bit and they get along as a threesome for a bit, but then the original wife conveniently relapses and dies to let the new couple have their two person happily ever after.

Vicky Christina Barcelona, which came out last year, also has an almost functioning triad with Christina, her artist lover and his crazy ex-wife. But it all ends in tears and gunshot wounds, suggesting that such things might work for a while, but ultimately, it's just a phase that young people pass through.

I'm looking forward to Edge of Love, which holds out some possibility of portraying triadic relationships in some other light than porno or mentally ill.

3 Play is not the best made film around and it definitely suffered in its forays into pseudo-documentary style, but overall I liked it. I'd like to see a triad relationship movie that was three relatively straight people who get along, or two bisexual guys and the woman they love. Probably going to be waiting a bit on those. 🙂

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