Happy Earth Day

Care2 has a challenge for Earth Day (Earth Week for them, because they like to live large):

1) Give up all single use drink bottles. (Bottled water, sodas, etc.)
2) Not use paper or plastic shopping bags. Instead, bring your own canvas bags.
3) Save electricity by cutting back TV to an hour a day and turning the thermostat down by two degrees.
4) Replace two car trips with walking, biking or public transportation.
5) Go vegetarian.

1) We've already been working on this one. We have a stack of refillable soda cups for when we want soda, and refillable water bottles. We're not at 100%, but we're close. We could probably make 100% for this week with ease.

2) Except when we leave the #^!&ing bags at home by accident, we've been doing this one for a long while.

3) My a/c doesn't go on until the temp goes over 84F. And 84F with the high humidity here is not 84F up north, so you only get bragging rights about not turning on your a/c EVAH if you live in a similarly wet climate. 😛 So anyhow, check.

4) The ritzar takes the bus to work more than 2 mornings a week right now, and will be for the foreseeable future. Check again.

5) This is really problematic. We just spent 40 days being vegetarian for Lent. My kids might murder me if I tried to get another week out of them. I have been thinking serious thoughts about cutting down on the number of meat dishes we eat year round, but there's no way my family will agree to going vegetarian all the time, and vegan is right out.

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