Juror’s Eye View Part I

I got picked for a jury for a criminal case. Lucky me. I was, at the outset, mainly excited and interested. I would get to observe and participate directly in the judicial process. And then the horror began. I've spent the majority of the last four days looking at pictures of someone who was assaulted while arguing verbage with 11 other people. We couldn't agree on a verdict and the trial ended in mistrial.

I'm physically and emotionally and psychically exhausted. I feel like I've been beaten up by the process, just like the alleged victim was beaten up by the alleged perpetrator. I dislike almost everyone involved in this case– the victim, the perp, the girlfriend at the heart of the altercation, the police officer, the CSI person, the district attorneys, the attorneys for the defense– I pretty much loathe them all now. The judge, the bailiff and 10 of the other jurors were great.

I'll write out the whole sordid story later, when I'm feeling less bruised.

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