Renting videos means working with a large database of names. Usually I don't make pesky personal comments to customers because my mother raised me right. Last night, however, I mentioned to a customer that I always remember him because he's named for one of the three kings/wise men, which is very cool. He perked up, very happy that I knew this strange little fact and told me the story. He's Melchor Jr. His father was Melchor, not because he was born on Three Kings day (the reason why a lot of hispanic people end up with the names they get, because they're born on or near a certain saint's day or holy day), but because his father was one of triplets. Triplets were very rare back in the 1920's when Melchor senior and his brothers Balthazar and Gaspar were born, so their parents thought they needed extra special and meaningful names.

If you did that in a novel, people would dis you for being facile, treacly and transparently symbolic. IRL, I think it's very, very kewl.

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