US-Mexican Border Closures as Mexican Narco Revolution Heats Up

Back in November, I linked to a friend of mine's article on The Mexican Narco Revolution. The situation there is deteriorating as predicted. Today we get this report (but not from CNN, because they're too busy yakking about Palin's taxes):

ARNORTH reporting indicates that 8 Texas / Mexico border crossing
locations are closed due to violence.

At approximately 1430, 17 February 2009, the US Customs and Border
Protection Offices located at the US-Mexican Border crossings located in
El Paso, Big Bend, and Edinburgh, Texas have closed due to violence
across the border in Mexico. Protesters clashing with Mexican Police
have escalated at the border crossings which has involved gunfire and
explosions. Intelligence has reported that the protests may have been
staged by the Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) to mask criminal
activities along the US – Mexican border.

Additional information reports that the Mexican border officials have
also closed their side of the border.

Border closings of this nature are a huge deal that disrupt the daily pattern of life for many people. That big border fence? Probably helpful along the lines of trying to put out a forest fire with your garden hose.

Christian Science Monitor had a little more information on the situation from February 11th: Drug Violence in Mexico Presents Threat at US Backdoor

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