Top and Bottom Ten Movies 2008

In no particular order:

Top Ten Movies that I loved this Year

Tropic Thunder
I have a horror of stupid movies, and a horror of movies in which the actor directs, so I was prepared to hate this film with a pure hate. Not for the politically correct or humorless left liberals, this is probably going on my list of all time favorite movies.

Iron Man
Due to my video store playing this constantly for days, I've probably seen it over a dozen times already. I could watch it another dozen and not get bored. It's a movie that, like Transformers, appeals to my inner 13 year old boy self. This is Moviefone's Best of the Year, so y'all can stop giggling now.

Lars and the Real Girl
I've talked about this movie already, but in case you forgot, this is the one about the guy who falls in love with an extremely realistic sex doll. A lot of people who rented this ended up hating it because they were expecting blue comedy, and it's nothing of the sort. A touching look at mental illness, community, and hope.

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
I love Frances McDormond, so there was no way I was likely to dislike this strange little comedy.

An autobiographical cartoon done by an Iranian woman who grew up during the 80's, during the fall of the more liberal government and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism there.

Kung Fu Panda

Incredibly cute cartoon spoof of martial arts movies. Also something I've seen many times and because of my children, will probably see many more.

Young @ Heart
A documentary about the Young at Heart Chorus, a world-touring chorus from Massachusetts whose minimum age for auditions is 73. Easier seen than explained: go see their take on the Ramones' Sedated here

I Am Legend
Will Smith is really powerful in this freaky remake of Omega Man. I liked the original director's ending better than the more nihilistic ending of the theatrical release.

Another movie I've seen too many times to count, this movie always makes me smile despite its kind of fucked up ending.

Charlie Wilson's War
I learned a fair amount about an epoch of American History that's not covered very well– the US involvement in Afghanistan in the 1970's.

The Bank Job
(Yes, I know that's 11)
Really complex plot and fine acting. I'm not a big Jason Statham fan, and in fact he starred in one of the most hackneyed movies I've seen recently, "In the name of the King, a Dungeon Siege Tale". If you like, well, I wouldn't exactly call it suspense and it's not exactly crime drama, um. Well, like Lars it's a quirky movie that defies easy categorization. ImDb calls it crime/thriller/drama, so let's go with that. Just don't watch it with your kids or uptight relatives.

Bottom Ten, as in, OMG, I wasted valuable minutes of my life on this?

House Bunny
did something I didn't think possible. Replaced Borat as my #1 all time worst movie.

The Ruins
because scary plants and gore aren't scary. Or entertaining.

Speed Racer
I really wanted to like this and it was beautifully filmed.

Sweeny Todd
I know many people adored this and it also was beautifully filmed. But as one of my musical-loving customers said best: "It didn't matter that no one could sing, because the songs were too horrid to ruin through bad vocal technique."

Love Guru
Did anyone actually manage to watch this all the way through? I still can't figure out why Justin Timberlake was dressed like a gay pool boy.

Why do people like the crass little girl and the meaningless story?

Drillbit Taylor
I love Owen Wilson, but this was just stupid and boring.

Not even George Clooney and Rene Zelweger could keep me awake for this.

In the Name of the King
Go Farmer. Slay the evil magician. Get a real name. And a script that isn't utterly predictable.

Vampire Diaries
So awful, I'm not even going to sully your brain by explaining it to you.

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