Ancient Music Theory

One of the things that always amazes me about ancient music is how close it seems to modern music. To a certain extent this is because we interpret and play ancient music through the aesthetics of a modern musical sensibility. But beyond that, especially in some regional music, music can have lasting qualities that don't seem to vary much, even over the course of a couple thousand years or more.

For example, listen to this midi of a recreation of a Hurrian (people who lived in ancient Persia) Hymn: Hurrian Hymn H6 recreated by Richard Dumbrill

and then watch this Persian music video:

The mode is very similar, and so is the long sustained slow ornamentation. This freaks me out and makes me sort of happy all at the same time. 🙂 And this isn't a direct descendant. It's regionally related. If I were more ambitious, I'd figure out what the actual direct descendant of the Hurrian music is, but unfortunately in homeschooling sometimes we have to move on, lest we spend all year in Mesopotamia.

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