Mutant Cat With Two Brains

The photo to the left looks like a fairly ordinary 'Jellical Cat. Black and white, kind of small, bright eyes, cheery face, reposing after making his toilette, he looks like he might indeed dance a gavotte and a jig gracefully.

Do not be fooled. This is a mutant cat with two brains. The extra brain, which we theorize is an extra hind brain, lives in the base of his tail.

His tail is not especially long, but it has always been a bit different from our other cats' tails. Our other cats swish, twitch and signal all sorts of interesting communications with their tails. Lepus the mutant cat's tail, on the other hand, has a mind of its own and can rarely be bothered with its owner's communications agenda.

The Tail, which must be considered a second entity from the cat proper, moves in sinuous waves when Lepus strolls about. It curls and uncurls like a yo-yo toy while he sits on top of the television. All this sounds benign. The Tail has a darker side. Several times a day, whenever grooming is required, poor Lepus must tackle The Tail and wrestle it into submission. It does not take well to feline hygienic practices and often escapes before the grooming is done.

We can only hope that one day, Lepus and Tail can learn to co-habit peacefully. For now, the daily grooming wars continue unabated.

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