Planning a Final Season

School has been officially out for three days and I've started planning for fall.  Really I've been thinking about what we're going to do next school year for about a month now even though we weren't officially done.  I say officially done because in reality, we're never done.  We always do some sort of school through the summer months, though not as structured as we do through the official school year.  I'm always planning in the summer as well, researching and ordering books and materials.

This year is going to be different for us.  We've been more or less following the Well Trained Mind system with its repeating four year survey of World History.  My son has completed the cycle twice now and my daughter once.  For the girl, we'll be zipping right back to the Ancients and beginning a new cycle.  We hope to get the boy into a very great high school in the fall of 2009, so I'm unwilling to begin a four year sweep with him that we're not going to finish.  I have one year to cram whatever it is that his dad and I really want him to know before he goes off to other school, other teachers.  I'm very excited for his prospects at the excellent high school and think it will be a wonderful learning experience in many ways.  This is in no way extinguishing my sense of urgency.  The coming school year could be our last season homeschooling with my son.  We'd better make it a good one!

So far, I'm trying to plan a survey of great books (not capitalized because though our list will be inspired by the Great Books curriculum, it's going to deviate a lot from that list), a lot of Math, some Latin, and a survey of art and music.  I always have to resist the urge to start cramming things into the cracks.  This planning session is no different. I'm doing it even now, wondering if I might squeeze in some Science and Civics and, and. , ,

And we must not forget that this is also the daughter's last season of being homeschooled with her brother.  After this, we'll be on our own.  She'll love having me all to herself for a bit while simultaneously missing her brother terribly.  Big changes for all of us on the horizon, and me feeling more than a little panicked orchestrating it all.  Some days I really don't like being the grownup!

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2 thoughts on “Planning a Final Season

  1. WOW!!! I plan on sending our kids to High School as well. That is the plan right now. You really seem to have it together!!! We are also planning for the fall though we aren't yet "officially" done. We took off 6 weeks at the birth of our 4th child so the poor older kids have to do school over the summer.

  2. LOL, thanks. I don't know if we really have it together or whether I just fake it well. The kids can read, write, do math and resist TV ads, so I guess we're doing all right.Cute new baby there in your Seattle pictures. 🙂 That's one of the great things about homeschooling– you can have family time for things like getting a new sibling.

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