Lars and the Real Girl

This weekend we watched Lars and the Real Girl.  I was very curious about it because people kept bringing it back and being angry about it. (I work in a video rental store.)  We've all heard the thing about art eliciting a reaction, so I figured with all that anger, it must be a pretty good art film. Perhaps it was poor marketing that mislead people; I missed all the marketing for this film so I'm not sure what went wrong for people, who seemed to expect some sort of mainline comedy. I thought it was sublime.  It's the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy, but not the obvious wish.  What if we, as communities, treated mental illness with the same kindness and dignity that we've come to show to people disabled in physical ways? What if we made sincere and gentle accommodations for people suffering with mental illnesses? Lots to think about in a surprisingly thoughtful, sometimes amusing, sometimes painful film.  Probably not for everyone, but lots of stars for those of us who like this kind of human interest story.

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