Winding down to Summer

We're winding down to the end of the school year here, and these last few days of school are dragging for us.  The kids have pretty much lost their motivation, I've lost the art of being a motivator and we all spend too much time admiring the view out the window.  We've finished most of what I hoped to accomplish this year and we have only odds and ends to deal with while the public school kids do whatever it is that public school kids do at this time of year.  I suspect it involves too much admiring the view out the window for them as well.

Back in the dark ages of our homeschooling, we tried to follow a year-around school schedule, with a month off in December and a month off in July.  Since we've never lived in a school district that followed a year around schedule and I don't have a will of iron, however, this plan was doomed to failure.  Well-meaning fellow homeschooling parents have suggested everything to me from making a "Do Not Disturb, School in Session" sign for the door to exhorting me to grow a spine and be a real parent who says "NO!" when the doorbell rings and the front step is loaded with neighbor kids looking for a good time.  Signs don't help us and there are no true fortitude transplants.  Memories of carefree summers of my childhood always supersede my desire to stuff just a little more knowledge into my kids' heads.  And so I surrender and the summer schooling schedule inevitably collapsed.

Now, in our 8th year of homeschool, I don't even pretend to try to do school in the summer.  Thinking on it, there's really too much to learn that can't be learned in workbooks or textbooks or edifying biographies.  All of the great outdoors beckons, the greatest natural studies lab ever is right outside our door.  There are hills to be climbed and oceans to swim in, kites to fly and bugs to catch and stars to count and count again.  Although I would prefer that my 13 year old not forget half of what he learned of Latin and Trig, and that the 10 year old not lose her ability to multiply and conjugate verbs in the next few months, if we do forget some things, we'll remember them before Christmas.  My kids are growing quickly and soon they will be away, living their own adventures.  We'd better get our playing in now, while it's still an option.

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2 thoughts on “Winding down to Summer

  1. We've been doing a lot of "nature studies" lately too. We'll get some more school work in when the heat of summer hits, but now it's beautiful and we've been stuck inside for most of the winter. I feel bad for the kids stuck in school when the weather is so beautiful!

  2. We homeschooled for 13 years, and yes the day will come when they will be grown. I am not at all sorry for the laid back way we homeschooled. We took off extra time around the holidays and we did summer the way you are supposed to do summer.
    Our sons went on to get college degrees and our daughter is graduating her first homeschooled son this year. They are the more modern variety of home schoolers, take classes and aren't so laid back as we were. But it is amazing how much they learn in a relaxed environment. Well, I guess that was the "olden days" Anyway, you might enjoy my homeschool weblog AND NOW THEY'RE GROWN
    Our family pictures are on my devotional site

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